ROM=Royal Ontario Museum 

Where:  100 Queen’s Park, Toronto ON

Fun fact: January 2nd, 2015 was the first time I visited the ROM, ever! Now I can honestly say “I TOTALLY GET IT!”  I fell in love!  On the heels of taking my kids to see “Night at the Museum 3” currently playing in theatres starring Ben Stiller, I thought it was a perfect Christmas vacation day trip. Here’s my top 10 list of why you should go!  No particular order, and feel free to add on!

10. The stairwell makes you feel like you’re at Harry Potter’s school, Hogwarts.

The marble is just glorious!

9.  They have a bat cave…with 3500 bats. For my Mom, this is a reason NOT to go the ROM.


8.  There are dinosaurs…like a LOT of them, and the T-Rex really does have ridiculously small arms.


7.  You can see the first ever #makeupselfie taken by a wealthy Egyptian woman.


6.  There is real live Mummy.  Wait.  There is a dead Mummy.

IMG_5493 IMG_5492

5.  The seating areas have really cool, abstract metallic chairs.


4.  The inside is as cool as the outside.


3.  They have soooo many animals in the biodiversity exhibit: stuffed, painted, real, dead, skeletons, hanging, in drawers, in glass cases, on the ground, on the ceiling..OMG  my biology science inner geek was in SCREAMY EXCITED OVERLOAD!!!


2.  The people who work at the ROM are as excited and passionate about the exhibits as you will be!!

Chris Ketola from the Ontario Specialized Species Centre shows off one of his beautiful birds of prey…I think it’s a Falcon. I couldn’t hear with all the swarming kids and adults;)

1.  It’s really cool to think of HOW amazing the museum must be when it comes to life EVERY NIGHT. #nightatthemuseum Watch it. Love it. Go to the ROM…but don’t call the security guard “Larry” or ask him to fight a T-REX with his flashlight…he won’t think it’s funny.

Screen shot from the movie “Night at the Museum 3”.

We can’t wait to go back! #ROM #ROX

So close yet so far away.



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