Did you ever dream of riding a rocket or flying like Ironman? I always wanted a pair of those rocket boots the Saturday morning cartoon heroes always had.

Well now those rocket boots kinda exist. Meet the JETOVATOR.  It’s as cool as it sounds.  Based out of Wasaga Ontario, you can rent, try or buy one of these gadgets.

IMG_9600Getting a lesson on how how to stand on The Jetovator

The owner of Jetovator Ontario, Dave Rodgers let me have a rip on it.

Here’s the vlog. Total watch time 5 minutes.

It was really fun.  It only took 10 minutes before I stopped crashing.  Once I got it, I got it.  It’s was much easier than I thought.  The funniest part for me is, when I watch it back, I really thought I was hundreds of feet in the air. Ummmm, not so much.


“That Jetovator makes your butt look big”

Ok so you wanna try?  Jetovator Ontario is offering a FREE spin!  Try it out!  See what you think!!  Enter below!

Good Luck & FLY HIGH!!

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