….and JUST in time for the party! (don’t worry there will be a blog about that too;)

Even I  was shocked when I watched the “before” footage.  It’s a big transformation that we’re thrilled about!  Thanks so much to Keep Your Castle for staying on time and on budget.  They were a delight to work with.  Owners Paul & Sherry Hill, along with David who helped greatly in the renovation, are passionate, honest, and knowledgeable.  These are qualities you want when someone is on your property as often as contractors usually are.

They get a five star approval from our family! Here’s the VLOG (total watch time: 1: 16)

IMG_9111_2Before Keep Your Castle came & rescued our house


**Disclaimer the dog does not come with keep your castle renovations.





  • Absolutely fantastic!
    Kudos to you, Adriano, Paul @keep your castle.
    You brought class and integrity to the summer home. Love it!
    Nonna Maria would be sooooo proud. I’m sure she’s there right now. It’s magic, Michelle.

  • It was a pleasure to do this work for you and your family. We are glad to have met your expectation of the vision for your home. Great wow appeal! Enjoy!