September 1st was the 3rd annual Orange Shirt Day.  A  day dedicated to raise awareness for students who survived and didn’t survive residential schools in Canada.

It also happens to be fall. Which means winter is coming (not a game of thrones reference, it’s actually coming!)

So I thought now was a perfect  time to share my favourite winter boots.

I know you must be thinking, how the heck do residential schools connect with winter boots?

Watch this short video (1:56),  it’ll start the explanation process!

Manitoba Mukluks are, as you just witnessed; gorgeous, practical and they have social cause connected to them.  Definitely my kind of fashion!

IMG_3417.JPGSeriously I know it’s a bit lame, but boots make me very, very happy. 

The first pair I purchased (seen below)  two years ago still look new!  They have been through, rain, salt and snow.

tan_gatherer_664b9470-fd6b-42b2-998c-fcbe9b49f053I roll the top down on mine.  This style is called Tall Gatherer Mukluk in Tan retail cost $269.


My new boots are called, Tall Wrap Mukluk in chocolate and retail for $349

The story behind the company is great.  I suggest reading all about their vision and policies here. Their online support is amazing.  As soon as you log onto the website, a support agent is waiting via live chat to answer any questions.

Shipping and returns are FREE.  I really think Manitobah Mukluks are the iconic Canadian winter boot.   They also have a children’s line and my daughter is stoked to try them (I have a feeling she’s gonna need an adult size though:).  The moccasins are also stunning.  I may get my husband a pair for Christmas.

Happy shopping!  Let me know which one is your fave, or if you have any other questions!




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