img_9130.jpgLinda Kash a writer, director, actor and great person who loves the N’able Bagel Group with Joe Teichman, founder of N’Able Bagel!

  “Michelle you have to meet Joe Teichman and see the N’Able Bagel group”. 

Wise words from my friend Linda Kash who knows great things.

Purpose is powerful and dignity is a human right, adults with special needs don’t always have access to such simple things.  Every Friday Joe Teichman meets with seven special people, one of whom is his son as well as five support workers.  They make the most AMAZING and delicious bagels. Watch this vlog (watch time 3:22)

The Power of Purpose: The Story of N’Able BagelThanks to my friend Linda Kash for introducing me to a man who self created purpose and dignity for a group of special people and absolutely changed their lives. Joe Teichman you are amazing and so is this group!

To find out how to order these scrumptious bagels, to donate to the group or inquire on how to create your own N’Able Bagel click here –>

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Friday, June 3, 2016

I had so much fun with this group and honestly as I write this and edit it my husband is watching and saying, “Those bagels were sooo good, can you get more?”

If your business would like to order some bagels, donate to the group or you want to learn more about the program you can contact Joe at  img_9121.jpg
 I hope more people follow the lead of Joe Teichman and give all people opportunity and purpose.  Thanks to Linda Kash for introducing us!  I look forward to visiting the team again soon!

I’m hungry!!