Last year I bought my first romper since probably 1986, and I LOVED IT! 

Here’s a quick VLOG (watch time 1:41) on my first 21st century romper and why they are a must have in your summer wardrobe!! 

I’m always surprised at how many women say I COULD NEVER wear a romper! 

Yes you can! 

Have you tried? 

Check out this VLOG (watch time 2:17) of me trying on an Aeropostale romper that looks totally different on the rack than off the rack! 

From rompers to jean dresses, we’re talking about the must-have styles for #Spring in this week’s vlog!

We’re curious, have you ever worn a #romper before? If yes, did you love it? If no, how come?

Michelle Ferreri

Posted by Lansdowne Place Mall on Thursday, April 14, 2016

I feel like I would wear a romper everyday if I could!  img_0932.jpg
This romper is from Urban Planet.  Obviously my niece Vanessa likes it too! She showed up to a family party and we were both wearing it!! Great minds think alike! img_0730.jpg
This is from H&M and I just love its classy ’70s chic feel. I love it with heels or flats, with a jean jacket or a sweater. 

This pic is courtesy of social lite vodka, this is me and my friend Niki Laxamana at the Sociallite Vodka launch party in Toronto!

Sooo let me know! Do you love or hate the romper?

Have you tried one? I’ll give away a gift certificate to Lansdowne Place to a lucky winner who comments below and shares this post! Tell me your thoughts! Share your pictures! I wanna know!!


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  • It looks so comfortable. I’m not sure my body shape could pull it off but next time I’m at LP I’m going to try one on! Thanks for the inspiration =)

  • Rompers are the best! They can be dressed up and look super classy, or they can be comfortable and casual. And it’s nice just being able to grab one item of clothing to put on instead of mixing and matching different tops and bottoms, they’re definitely my favourite 🙂

  • I love rompers. They’re comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down. I actually just wore one on Saturday and was completely out of my element but had so many compliments. Definitely would buy another one.

  • LOVE ther romper! It smoothes out all the areas I dislike. Can’t wait to wear the one I win! Haha 😉

  • They look really comfy, although I have a long torso so a lot of the time the rompers wont fit me 🙁
    Can’t hurt to try again……last one I wore was in the late 70’s early 80’s and it was velour…..LOL

  • I looks comfy but I don’t know if I could wear it. I’m a 6 on the bottom and a 14 on the top (unfortunately). 🙁 But I’m willing to try!

  • I went romper crazy last summer. It’s true, you do have to try them on! They also look adorable on kids! I love your new hairstyle Michelle and u looked fab in the Jean dress!

  • Rompers look great although l wouldn’t wear a romper as I would get the sleeves in the toilet. Brings back memories of hot pants

  • I won’t wear a romper unless it is to the ankles or capri style. Definitely no shorts for me.