I love swimming. I love swimming with my kids. 

I don’t love wearing a bathing suit in public (especially in the winter) and I don’t like getting my hair wet.  

The struggle is real OK.

It takes 45-50 minutes to make my wet hair look good dry. 

Does this sound ridiculous when I write it out?


It sounds absurd, absolutely absurd. If I told my son that the reason I didn’t want to swim with him was because I cared what people thought about me in my bathing suit or that I didn’t want to “do” my hair, I would be embarrassed for myself. 

But it’s true. 

It’s all true! 

I don’t tell my kids the truth.  I make up excuses, and that’s why many times I watch from the sidelines instead of jumping in the pool and having fun with them. 

This past weekend we visited The Chelsea Hotel in Toronto. 

They have a super fun family zone with an arcade, craft room and a pool with a corkscrew water slide. 

The day we checked in the kids were so excited to stay in the room and watch movies that we didn’t use the pool. 

The next morning they were standing beside my bed, with their bathing suits on and ready to GO swimming. 

I put my suit on and went to the pool. 

I sat in the jacuzzi with my husband and other parents. 

My daughter was hollering to me every time she went down the slide, “COME ON MOM, YOU GOTTA COME!”

My youngest son wanted to go so badly but he needed some courage.  He needed his Mom to do it with him.  

I know the best way to teach kids is to lead by example. Show them don’t just tell them.  

There’s a few things I’m afraid of; Heights, scorpions and the dark. 

My kids know my fears, they also know I’ve faced them (I’ve been skydiving multiple times). I’ve faced my fears to show them and myself that fear is usually just a state of mind. 

The corkscrew water slide was high and dark, two things I’m not fond of.  I also didn’t want to get my hair wet. 

My inside voice was yelling at me: “COME ON LADY!!  Your kid wants to go down the damn slide so suck it up and go with him!!”

So I agreed to go down the water slide.  We got to the top, he looked at me and said I’ll go first, you better come right after me, OK?”  I said, “I will”.  

Off he went. 

While I waited for my turn, the young kids in line behind me encouraged me and said “Don’t worry you’ll have fun, it’s not that scary”.  Did I mention they were maybe seven, at the oldest;)

Off I went.  I closed my eyes the whole time and yes, my hair got wet. 

Now that my hair was wet and I was in the pool, I could enjoy my kids.  My 12 yr old and I hung out.  We did water aerobics and played volleyball.  We had fun, lots of fun. My son went down the water slide 26 more times.

Getting my hair wet and having my white legs and poorly manicured bikini area exposed didn’t matter one bit to my kids. NOT ONE BIT. 

I saw this video on Scary Mommy this past summer and it made me tear up.  It is so true.  Just enjoy your kids and don’t worry about your body or your hair or anything other than the memories you are making with your kids!


Posted by Scary Mommy on Friday, May 27, 2016

This public service announcement is as much for you as it is for me. 







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  • Michelle you don’t have to worry at any time how you look ! Or how you look when your wearing a bathing suit as you are a very attractive woman and you are what makes what ever your wearing look Great ! As I am sure your husband tells you all the time . As for drying your hair I can’t say much about that lol you have way more then me to dry . But the bottom line there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to try make our children happy and put a smile on their faces . They grow up so fast and before you know it they be out on their own getting on with their lives

  • OMG…Truer words never spoken!! I am ALWAYS on the side line at the pool. I don’t wanna get a bathing suit on much less get my hair wet. I broke my comfort zone last weekend and went in the pool and played volleyball with my son and husband. I am sure my son will remember this very limited time I actually got IN the pool and didn’t just watch! Your struggle is real…I live it too!