This graphic is pretty powerful because it is true and most people can seriously relate to it. Myself included.

Since starting my own business as a blogger and vlogger, I am always amazed at the number of messages I receive weekly from people who are miserable in their jobs. The underlying similar message I hear in all of these conversations is that they don’t feel valued. They don’t feel recognized in their work efforts.

It seems so simple and it actually is, but so many bosses and managers are terrible at recognizing their employees, and I believe it comes down to two reasons:

1. A lack of training and awareness.

2. Many managers were placed in that position by their bosses, meaning they have neither the skill set, nor the passion to do it effectively.

I recently met a woman at the Haste and Hustle conference in Niagara on the Lake. Sarah McVanel is a professional speaker, coach, and consultant with Greatness Magnified. One area she really focuses on is helping companies and management achieve better success in their company by learning how to value their employees and recognize their value.

She has three simple actions that all leaders and managers should be applying and what I love the most about her advice is that it’s also the best parenting advice.

I genuinely believe that management and human resources is parallel to parenting. An effective and fulfilled parent is simply a great manager and a great leader. Let’s get rid of the term boss and replace it with leaders and coaches!

Watch the video and apply these three simple actions to improve EVERY relationship in your life.

3 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Every Relationship In Your Life

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