There are lots of reasons to treat yourself to a massage.

Maybe you just need to get rid of the stress of the day, or maybe you have a chronic condition and massage helps you stay pain-free. Maybe you don’t need a reason at all and you just want one because it’s a Thursday and massages are AWESOME. 😉

But if you really want a good reason to treat yourself or someone you love to a massage (especially with Mother’s Day coming up, hint hint!) watch the video above to learn about some of the great reasons to get a massage from my friend Amanda at Lakefield’s Salon Sorella & Day Spa.

Do You Need A Massage?

She had some excellent insight on how massage can help women with breast cancer as well. This is something I’d never even thought about.

Giveaway time!

Comment on my Facebook live video from Salon Sorella & Day Spa with why YOU or YOUR MOTHER deserves to win a massage for Mother’s Day this year! Click here and leave a comment on the video and hit like for your chance to win a free massage with Amanda! (You’re gonna LOVE it!)

I will announce a winner on April 20th, so be sure to enter by then! Feel free to tag your friends or share if you want to spread the word. It’s not mandatory, but it’s probably good karma 😉

Do You Need A Massage?