Actually, my entire family is my secret weapon.

People ask me all the time how I manage to balance work and motherhood, and honestly, I don’t always have this whole “balance” thing perfected. I don’t know that any of us do.

My Mom Is My Secret Weapon

I couldn’t do this alone and this vlog is a shoutout to all the amazing people who have helped me, especially my mom, who will come at the drop of a hat when I need her and I’m 10000000% grateful for this.

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I recently had one of those days when EVERYTHING went sideways. My son was sick (watch the video and you’ll hear about his hand issue), I had meeting after meeting, a video shoot, and my mother came to the rescue, making it possible for me to get through the day, get my work done, be there for my son, and stay sane.

She’s amazing.

My Mom Is My Secret Weapon

What’s your “secret weapon” for being a working parent? Do you have people in your life who will step up when you need help? Comment below. I’d love to hear your story.

PS. Click here if you’re ready to see the gruesome picture of my son’s hand that I mention in the video. I’m being kind and hiding it behind a link so you don’t barf. You’re welcome 😉

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