As much as I love change and trends, I do have my favourite fallbacks.

I love copper highlighted hair.

I recently had a fresh hair colour done with Stephanie at Salon Sorella & Day Spa. Steph was styling my hair in her magical way that I can never seem to recreate and I asked her to show me how to curl using a curling iron.

I switched from a curling iron to a wand a few years ago, but I’m tiring of the tapered curl look, and I was forced to start using my old curling iron again because I forgot my wand AND my straightener in a hotel in Orlando. (I know I know.)

Steph let me try it out after she showed me the trick to getting beautiful glamourous curls using a curling iron.

Check out the vlog and let me know your tricks, your favourite make of curling iron, and what size of barrel you prefer.