She knew from the time she was a very young girl that she wanted to be an actor. At the age of eight, a director named Shirley Rolufs from St. James Players in the small but mighty town of Peterborough, Ontario gave Michelle McLeod what she needed: Someone who believed in her.

Michelle McLeod is now a successful working actor. She was accepted into the Theatre Program at Guelph University and completed the Humber College Acting for Film and Television program as well. She is also a graduate of the prestigious Second City’s Conservatory program.

More recently Michelle landed the LEAD, yes the lead role, in a feature that premiered at TIFF. Don’t Talk to Irene (Irene played by Michelle) is a true underdog story and the character couldn’t be more perfect for Michelle.

I caught up with her at TIFF and had a chance to talk about how it all happened and what it’s suddenly be invited to parties with A list actors. It’s stories like Michelle’s that make you feel warm and fuzzy, she genuinely deserves her success. She continues to work hard and pursue her passion. You can catch Michelle on the improv circuit, in particular with Queen’s Players.