Clothing is important to me. How it feels, determines how I feel. I need the right fabric and I need the right fit.

I shop often at Giant Tiger and I love a lot of their clothing, this blog post is dedicated to their ACX Active Wear.

I went shopping and tried on a bunch of different workout clothes and shoes. I found some I really love. I think my favourite part of the ACX Active Wear line is the price point. EVERYTHING I tried on was UNDER $25. One of my tricks to keep me motivated to work out is having workout clothes everywhere. I keep a bag in my vehicle, and a go to bag in my closet.

(Click the image above to see my Giant Tiger video or click here!)

If I have workout clothes accessible it makes it way harder to come up with an excuse NOT to workout!

I love wild print pants! These would be awesome for Yoga. Pants: $18

I love this comfy cotton shirt for before and after workouts or for yoga. Also when it takes a while to warm up this shirt is ideal to leave on. I also love that you could wear it as a regular shirt!! Multifunction = winning!

I love when I don’t have to wear a sports bra because there is a durable one built in!!

I really love these pants! They are awesome for going to and from a gym, to throw on over shorts or tights. They are also ideal travel pants! Super light and awesome, and I really love the price!

Love cozy sweaters to throw on after a workout! Also these shoes are really comfortable, another great travel/casual shoe only $25.

I LOVE that ACX Active Wear offers plus sizes without the plus prices!!

Great selection of fun shoes!!

I LOVE this outfit for before and after workouts and travelling!!

Love this “Don’t Ever Quit” shirt. Price is awesome and it would also look great with jeans!

Hands down these are my fave pants! I totally gave them a new home!


So what’s your fave? What kind of workout wear do you like? Comment below and feel free to share this post for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Giant Tiger!

This post is sponsored by Giant Tiger, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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  • Love the blue/black razor tank and tights. Work out wear has to be breathable, comfortable and affordable. I have never purchased workout wear at GT but after seeing your video I’m gonna go check it out. If I’m honest too, workout is my go to for lounging at home and for when I think (dream) of working out (just need to make that a reality). Looking fab Michelle ♡

  • Ohhh I love the acx line. My fav pair of capris is from giant tiger. I love how the clothes are a good price and I really like the different selection they have!

  • Omg I actually love that black/blue/white outfit!! I would totally wear that, and the black pants you say are your new favourites! To be honest I just started working out today LOL. Did some hula hooping, and a 6 minute butt workout, plus lots of vigorous cleaning lol! Not a bad start I guess! Definitely need workout clothes. I don’t own any and that does sound like it would be more motivating to put some on. If I’m comfy and I can move well then it will work for me! 🙂

  • A workout outfit is exactly the motivation I need to get to my weight loss goal and get healthier in other ways. Love the outfits.

  • I love the white and blue outfit. I just recently started working out and eating healthier I have always been bigger and just had enough of feeling drained. Being a mom working full time. Never thought i would be able to dedicate myself the way I have this past two weeks. I am definatly in need of some work out clothes that is for sure! I have always worn yoga pants but I am so interested in those tights! They look great! 🙂

  • Love the black, blue and white outfit!! 4 months after baby #3, my workout wardrobe doesn’t fit as it used too ☹. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be sure to check out GT!

  • Love the big necked sweater and black pants that bunch at the bottom! I’m going to GT Boutique

  • I did love all the outfits but I really liked outfit #1 Especially the shirt. I love that GT has plus sizes for a great price. I want to start getting healthy this year. Thank you for the opportunity and fashion show.

  • I just recently started buying workout clothes because I’m just starting a routine and I love the ACX line. It’s durable and washes and dries great

  • I need new yoga clothes! Leggings & that top with the criss cross back would be great. I didn’t even think of going to gt for workout wear! Thanks!

  • I love the black white & blue outfit! Me & my twin girls teenagers would totally wear that! We love Giant Tiger! The ACX line is awesome. The prices are great & so is the selection. One of our fav. Stores for years. Thank you.

  • I love the multifunction cotton shirt!! I’ve been looking for a similar one without the high price tag! Also love the mesh tights!!

  • Ideal workout wear for me is bottoms that don’t slip or stretch out. I hate having to pull them up when you’re exercising. I have tried different brands but what seems to work well for me is the wunder under high rise from lululemon but size down so you kinda wiggle into them but once on they aren’t going anywhere.

  • Omg those print pants at the beginning! 😍😍 I love cutout tops and unique sports bras because little things like that are ways you can still incorporate your style into your workout 👌👌👌

  • With 3 teenage daughters active in sports, I really like the affordability and choice at Giant Tiger as compared to sports stores. The quality is just as good if not better for much, much less. They really like the types of leggings and yoga pants which come in many styles and patterns rather than always just black.

  • I love the “Don’t Quit” shirt, and the super comfy looking sweater! I like to be comfortable when I work out, but I also don’t want to look sloppy!
    Everything you tried on looks super cute 🙂

  • I love working out in sweatpants and Dri-fit shirts. At this time of year, I lift in my detached unheated garage. My garage workouts call for the sweats, a baselayer, thick hoodie and a toque.

  • I LOOOOOOOOVE GT!!!!! My fave are the workout leggings! So many fun prints & styles 🙂
    I just spent the afternoon at my Local GT and found 2 t shirts, 2 tank tops, a pair of workout leggings & an awesome knit sweater …. all for about 50$. Prices cant be beat!!!!

  • I love black leggings the best and the black comfy pants you have on too!! Oh plus the criss criss back shirt is a great to/from piece!!

  • I love giant tiger, they have the best work out clothes. Loose t-shirts and tights are my favorites.

  • I like the first/second pictures. Theses items look so comfortable and go with the workout trends. It’s so true You always feel better working out when you feel good in your clothes! I’m also a big fan of the grey sweater and black full length tights in your final picture.

  • Love the sports bras … grabbed a couple on clearance even! Built in support and great colours .. love GTs 😁💗

  • I love the variety of clothes GT has and the prices can’t be beat. I do most of my clothing shopping at GT.

  • I LOVE Giant Tiger. I’m not much of a workouter(shhhh) but I love their clothes. (it fits) it’s not for taaaaaaaaalllllllll skinny people

  • MY favourite workout gear is loose fitting top and tights that flare a bit 🙂 love love love all the outfit you had on and previewed for us to see as it really helps to choose a style for great prices so thank you
    Never thought to go to giant tiger for workout gear but now I will
    So thanks again Michelle

  • I love colour! Orange, purple, turquoise… All of it. I have a lot of ACX workout wear, and would love more!

  • I love the tights with the blue and white stripe. That is something I would wear. My shirt needs some looseness. I just recently started working out after loosing 110lbs. I love how my can move with less weight and how much energy I have through the day. Did I mention I’m at the gym at 6am Mon-Friday.

  • I like to work out in leggings and a sports bra, and I begin with a big soft tshirt on. I love what you’re wearing here!!!! I really need some new clothes and runners too! Thanks for this great contest Giant Tiger!! ♥

  • I love the wild print pants and the sport top with built in bra. They all look awesome. I would love to win. The pants would definitely be my first purchase l love GT😊

  • Hi Michelle, I love the GT boutique! The black mesh pants are my fave too! I also love the black velvet hoodie, it’s so cute and on trend this season! 😊

  • I love when I feel confident and comfortable, all at once. Keeping everything in place after having a baby is important!! 😏😏

  • My favourite workout clothes at GT are the Yoga pants, short sleeved tees and light hoodies. I also have some great long sleeved sweats that are super comfy!

  • I have many outfits from the GT Boutique! I have many outfits from many places, whatever is comfy, good price and fits well is my go to!! I love to treat myself with new workout wear regularly though to keep me motivated!

  • My fave is the black pants with the white and blue stripes. I love finding trendy yoga pants, like meshing cutouts or cool patterns.

  • For me it’s a tanks over a shirt sleeve, and definitely 3/4 length leggings to workout in. I’ve never tried the GT active wear; thanks for modelling some of the outfits – I will have to stop in! Love the black mesh and blue/white stripe pants!

  • Those are awesome! I love the blue/ black tank and yoga pants. Those are exercise clothes i would want to wear. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Wow, some great pieces. And even better prices. I love the crazy print pants and the comfy cotton top. I’m going to step out of my comfort zone of black or grey bottoms. lol. Have just started Yoga, proving it is never to late to start a new hobby/habit.

  • Love the cozy sweater with the pants and shoes! The perfect outfit for a workout or a new busy mom who is trying to stay stylish!

  • I absolutely love giant tiger and their clothes. I’ve lost over 100lbs and I’m still losing. So workout clothes and there comfort is very important. It’s a great plus that these clothes are really affordable, you can get so many great pieces. When you look good especially when going to workout it boosts your energy level to give you that little extra pep in your step.

  • I love the open back top!
    To me, workout clothes must be squat proof. They must not be see through when bending over.

  • Love all the looks. Jumped on the get fit train for the new year. I actually don’t have any nice workout wear. I have 50 pounds to lose. So Giant Tiger will be my next stop with those prices.

  • I live Giant Tiger, or “GT Boutique” as my girlfriends and I call it! I am so self conscious at the gym but I love me some pretty leggings with longer loose work out tops and a really good sports bra! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • I like a combo of fitted tanks and pants for more weight training and yoga based workouts. For walking and gentle yoga practices, loose and comfy. Depending on my mood really, determines the workout and clothing 😊

  • I’m a regular shopper at GT too. Clothes are so reasonable prices and since I’m only 5 foot I have no trouble finding clothing that actually fits me! Love the ACX line, the workout pants fit great and shows off your curves which gives you motivation to keep on moving to reach your fitness goals!

  • I’m a regular shopper at GT too. Clothes are so reasonable priced and since I’m only 5 foot I have no trouble finding clothing that actually fits me! Love the ACX line, the workout pants fit great and shows off your curves which gives you motivation to keep on moving to reach your fitness goals!