The Canadian Federal election is closing in on us.

I know many of you turn your nose up at politics. I know many of you don’t vote.  I hope this video and the two  following it will change your mind (they will be posted Oct 6 &7).


Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Just the other day a 43 year old woman asked me what left winged meant.  I thought everyone knew.  Clearly they don’t.

This website offers some Canadian Politics 101 for those of you interested.

Her question made me wonder.   Maybe so many people don’t vote because they don’t feel educated enough.  You don’t have to understand policy and legislation on Parliament Hill to vote.

  • Do you care about your job?
  • Your children’s education?
  • Healthcare?
  • The environment?
  • The economy?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you do care about politics, and you NEED TO VOTE.  You need to learn who will best represent what is important to you in the upcoming election.

Below is the first of three interviews I’ll be posting with political candidates.  (Still awaiting confirmation from the Green Party Candidate).

Dave Nickle is a lefty, meaning he’s an NDP.  He represents Thomas Mulcair, the leader for the NDP party.  Even if you can’t vote for the candidates featured, the interviews are still a good opportunity learn about the party they represent and the people that party attracts.

IMG_3406Dave was a good sport to sit passenger with me!

The interviews are non traditional.  The idea behind them is to learn more about the person behind the politics.  Also it speaks to the party’s values.  If this person is representing this party, the party must have similar values.

Have a watch.  I hope you enjoy.

The full NDP platform is HERE.