Election day is almost here, October 19th, 2015.  Make sure you find time to vote.  In fact you can VOTE right now if you think you will be too busy on election day to make it to the polls.  Just visit elections.ca for all the info you need.

The next potential Prime Minister of Canada could be (in no particular order) :

Stephen Harper (Conservative Party)

Justin Trudeau (Liberal Party)

Thomas Mulcair (NDP Party)

In the Peterborough Kawartha riding, Maryam Monsef is representing the Liberal party and Justin Trudeau.


We went for a drive to find out more about the her, and why politics should matter to everyone.  Oh we sang a bit too.

If you missed the interview with Dave Nickle, he represents Thomas Mulcair and the NDP, you can watch here.

Michael Skinner representing the Conservatives and Stephen Harper in the Peterborough Kawartha Riding will be posted October 7th.





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