It’s a question I struggle with every election: Do I vote for the person or the party platform.  Can the two be exclusive of each other?

That question is a key factor behind these interviews.  I wanted to get to know the candidates better, so I thought you might want to as well.  For those of you who can’t vote for the candidates featured, I hope you learn more about the party platforms.  I also really hope they inspire you to get out and VOTE. 

I’m not loyal when it comes to voting for a specific political party.  I’m a firm believer in voting, but each election, I am challenged as to who should get my vote.

Mike Skinner is the conservative candidate for the Peterborough Kawartha Riding.

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I picked him up in my mobile studio and we went for a tour.  Here’s what happened and what he had to say about choosing between a party and a candidate.

Mike’s Mission: Life on the Conservative HighwayyI don’t care who you vote for, JUST VOTE ON OCTOBER 19th. This “Drive By” features Michael Skinner, the conservative M.P. candidate for the Peterborough Kawartha riding. All interviews are avail on the blog –>

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Wednesday, October 7, 2015


If you missed the NDP you can watch here.

The Liberal interview is here.

Thank you so much to each candidate for riding along with me.  They were such great sports about my non traditional interview approach.

Good luck to everyone.  Putting your name into the ring takes a lot of effort, sacrifice to a family and thick skin.